What is Foam Rolling?

And how did I ever live without it!?

FOAM ROLLING IS LIKE flossing – You know it’s good for you, yet it's a struggle to make it part of your daily (or even weekly) routine.

You've known about the benefits of foam rolling – including better mobility, injury prevention, and reduced soreness post-workout –

And It's not that your just someone who doesn't "need" to foam roll, either.  In fact, you're a particularly good foam rolling candidate since you have tight hips, shoulders, and/or  IT bands;  And the fact I either wake up with an achy stiff back, or feel so tight at the end of the day. 


Yet you still can’t manage to have an effective Foam Rolling session more than once every few months with long lasting results that really enhance your performance and quality of life...




The Breakdown

Tight muscles cause pain and a limited range of motion. This can be caused by years of tight muscles from exercise, injury, prolonged sitting, and doing nothing about it.

What happens is Tight muscles cause knots in the muscle tissue, which limits blood circulation and can lead to tightness, pain and injury. It may start with a tightness when completing everyday activities, like bending down to tie your shoe, but over time, will progress to more constant pain and eventual injury. 

The Solution


 Foam Rolling. That's because the simple tool stretches the muscles and tendons and helps to break down the muscle knots. It’s a type of active recovery that's done using your own body weight. Foam rolling increases blood flow and circulation while loosening and stretching your muscles, helping them lengthen and get back to their original range of motion.

Science and research show that if you want muscle and joint pain to go away, you need to incorporate myofascial rolling on a regular basis


To solidify this habit and bring enjoyment to this process, Roll/State was established! A time when its needed more than ever...  The first studio opens in the heart of West Hollywood, CA, 2020!








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